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People powered


We draw on our talents as theater nerds, storytellers, technologists, artists, and social scientists.

We’re a diverse group with unique perspectives, and we allow those perspectives to shape our work. We do our homework and, most importantly, We enjoy what we do.

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We are....
  1. Intelligent

  2. Curious

  3. Fun

  4. Irreverent

  5. Opinionated

  6. Resourceful

  7. Open-minded

  8. Industrious

  9. Meticulous

It is a happiness to wonder

It is a happiness to dream

Nice to know I still don't know


Community first

Our world is only as healthy as its inhabitants. Similarly, our work is only as good as those creating it. So, we center people. We support the people driving humanity toward a world that reflects the needs, voices, culture, and beauty of all the communities occupying it.

Our values in action
  1. In our work

    We offer our expertise to non-profits that align with our organizational values, like Little Wishes Foundation, Ever-Forward Foundation, Gender Spectrum, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, and Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

  2. In our culture

    We position Belonging, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (BJEDI) at the forefront of everything we do. 

  3. In our lives

    We support our colleagues’ artistic and creative endeavors in and out of the workplace.

  • Bibi

    She/Her • Multidimensional corporate paradigm shifter in gravity-defying stilettos.

  • Roxanne

    She/Her • Plays with fire.

  • Amy

    She/Her • Backstage Dance Party Enthusiast.

  • Charlaine

    She/Her • Cat herder.

  • Charlotte

    She/Her • Can find humor in nearly anything.

  • Ciara

    She/Her • Can do any task with her super-strength claws / Can fit in a small carry-on luggage.

  • Coco

    She/Her • Can still function on very little sleep.

  • Corey

    He/Him • Movie Pundit, GIF Master, Problem Solver

  • Cour

    Resident Ice Cream Maven.

  • Daniel

    He/Him • Creating creatively curated creations

  • Danny

    He/Him • Car buying/researching.

  • Diana

    She/Her • Wonderful things

  • Frieda

    She/her • I collect amazing people. Snack Goddess

  • Hara

    She/Her • Word Nerd.

  • Jeff

    He/Him • Noticer of small things.

  • Jennifer

    She/Her • Finds junk, turns it into something cool.

  • Josh

    He/Him • Unstoppable

  • Julia

    She/Her • Considering all sides. Paying 100% attention or 100% day-dreaming. Singing your name.

  • Jules

    She/Her • Wearer of many hats. Impressive adhesive collection for any broken item.

  • Jude

    He/They • Always sees the silver lining.

  • Lauren

    She/Her • Provider at heart - you need help? I'm your gal.

  • Mahal

    He/Him • Vibe Curator, Geography & Topography Nerd

  • Maria

    She/Her • Great memory, among other things, like telling jokes, interpretive dance, and inventing catchy tag-lines.

  • Marissa

    She/her • Paddle board head stander.

  • Martina

    She/Her • Finding ways to make things happen with a positive outlook. Superpower is turning conversations into a TedTalk or comedy hour.

  • Michelle

    She/Her • I can't get lost.

  • Nancy

    She / Her • Flow Finder

  • Nick

    He/Him • My superpower is that I have 3 first names....

  • Pedro

    He/Him • Curiously processing processes.

  • Pink

    She/Her • Weird, but in a super way!

  • Racheal

    She/Her • Traffic Control Expert.

  • Sandesh

    She/Her • Problem solving. Super latte maker.

  • Shannon

    She/Her • Superhuman Hearing

  • Stephanie

    She/Her • Fire Jumper.

  • Terry

    She/Her • Chaos Control.

  • Valentina

    She/They • Executive whisperer

  • Wakida

    She/Her • Can turn any task into a craft project.

  • Zimm

    She/Her • Evergreen Thumb

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  1. Best Overall Staging

    InfoComm/LSA Staged Event Awards

    Autodesk One Team Conference

  2. Bronze Winner for Best Stage

    Event Design Awards

    BMW’s X3 Reveal

  3. Gold Winner for Best Stage

    Event Design Awards

    BMW’s 3- Series Launch

  4. Gold Winner for Best Stage

    Event Design Awards

    Autodesk One Team Conference

  5. Best Use of Media A/V

    Event Design Awards

    Autodesk One Team Conference

  6. Best B-to-B Live + Digital Program

    Event Marketer Magazine’s Ex Award

    Cisco GSX

  7. Silver Winner for Best Online/Virtual Element/Micro-Site/App

    Event Design Awards

    Cisco GSX

  8. Best B-to-B Event Environment

    InfoComm/LSA Staged Event Awards

    Autodesk One Team Conference

  9. Best Places to Work in Events

    Event Marketer


  10. Some Kind of Wonderful

    We didn’t make this song

    But we love it!

  11. Gold Winner for Best B-to-B Event General Stage Experience

    Experience Design & Technology Awards

    Cisco GSXFY17

  12. Gold Winner for Best Use of Single Technology

    Experience Design & Technology Awards

    Autodesk University

  13. Best Places to Work in Events

    Ad Age


  14. Silver Winner for Best Production of a B-to-B Event

    Event Marketer Magazine’s Ex Awards

    Intel Press and Retail Event at CES

  15. Gold Winner for Best Pandemic-Era Pivot Strategy

    Event Marketer Magazine’s Ex Awards

    Intel Press and Retail Event at CES

  16. Finalist for Best Incentive Program

    BizBash Event Awards

    Final Night Gala Incentive Event

  17. Bronze Winner for Best Corporate Event

    Eventex Awards

    Final Night Gala Incentive Event 2022

  18. Silver Finalist for Best Hybrid Event Program 

    Ex Awards

    Cisco IMPACT 2022

  19. Gold Finalist for Best Virtual B-to-B Event

    Ex Awards

    Dell BOUNDLESS 2022

  20. Gold Stevie for Best Virtual Event & Experience in Video Category

    American Business Awards

    Dell BOUNDLESS 2022