From the moment the attendees entered Hall D they felt overwhelmed and enveloped.  From the 200-ft screen curved toward them, pulling them in, to the curved, oval stages, to the radial seating and the opening performance by Recycled Percussion on stage and interspersed through the audience, the entire experience communicated excitement and inclusion and brought the sales team together as part of the same momentous event that placed them at the center. This was an event for the audience.

Tencue OTC Render 2

The inspiration for the simple yet meaningful design was bringing the sales force and partners together and making them feel like a team again after a major reorganization.  The intimacy and envelopment conveyed the conference theme: Achieve As One.

Tencue OTC Render 3

Inspiration also came from Autodesk products, themselves.  Since their products are so visual and detailed, the implementation of the large screen allowed for better showcasing of these products and allowed speakers to communicate in detail how they were utilizing them.



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