The first part of the attendee experience was a feeling of disorientation. After the standard morning of registration and breakfast in the conference center, their expectation upon entering the general session would have been high. Rather than being immediately wowed when arriving in Hall D, they were greeted by a largely bare and unadorned space, void of any staging except for a stage. Even their direction of entry, from behind the stage, was intended to unsettle their expectations.

Once the general session kicked off, their disorientation transformed into surprise, as the very elements that seemed out of place or confusing became the basis for a cohesive and dynamic session: the raw space and the lack of staging allowed the entire room to become a canvas for content, while a spoken word artist painted a vibrant and engaging story about Autodesk’s goals for the future.

The experience communicated an understanding of the sales team’s disorientation in the wake of a reorganization and revamp of their entire way of doing business. We wanted to present the change as an opportunity for a new perspective, and a platform from which to demonstrate a cohesive and strong launch.

Notable during the presentations was the integration of the back wall to reenforce the primary messaging. When one of the speakers was using pi and pie as an analogy, we were able to cover the back wall both with an image of a massive apple pie and the number pi written out to the thousandth place. When the marketing director announced the new packaging that accompanied the rebranding, we were able to cover the back wall with the hundred new product boxes, reinforcing to the audience the breadth and consistency of the new brand.




Gold Winner for Best Stage at B-to-B Event
Best Use of Media A/V
Event Design Awards

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