Autodesk’s goal was to highlight the opportunities presented by automation and Autodesk’s technology as viable solutions to an audience that viewed automation and robotics with skepticism. Our approach was to harness the physical and the virtual in a stunning show opener.  A robot arm designed for studio camera work was modified and reprogrammed. Using Autodesk’s 3D design products, we choreographed the robot’s movements to coordinate with the rhythmic dance of a hip-hop troupe. A camera mounted on the arm gave the audience a first-person view as the robot tracked the dance. At a climactic moment, the robot’s camera swept around a statue of an astronaut that appeared to “blast off” screen, thanks to AR technology. That opening moment – in which the robot became another captivating actor in this provocative theater of human-machine relationships – created a strong foundation for continued conversation for the duration of the event.




Gold Winner for Best Use of Single Technology
Event Design Awards

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