From beginning to end, we created a tactile and intimate experience for the audience: audio, the smell of the ocean, rain inside and outside, the roar of the engines, the resonance of the timpanists, the proximity of the vehicles. All these elements were designed to draw the audience in, engulfing them and engaging them with the vehicles, with the speakers and with each other.


The inspiration for the design was the journey of the Olympic Athletes. It wasn’t about reaching the finish line, but the journey getting there. BMW is about the journey in the ultimate driving machine. The design inspiration became a long rectangle , reminiscent of a stretch of track, a swimming lane, or an asphalt road, and could be seen replicated in the screen, the stage, the rain wall and even the venue itself. The digital rain wall was inspired by the precision of the 3 Series and the Olympic athletes: a multitude of intricate parts working together to create a commanding display.




Gold Winner for Best Stage at B-to-B Event
Event Design Awards

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