The design of the event was inspired by the state-of-the-art factory, the history of the Spartanburg BMW Manufacturing Plant, the premium BMW brand, and the X3 itself. Rather than try to hide the fact that the event was taking place in a factory, we accentuated the space, including exposed pipes and air ducts, with lighting and scenic elements, chose to leave much of the factory floor as polished concrete, and trucked in custom aluminum seating. The event became integrated with the space instead of at odds with it, and the limitations became the features.

From beginning to end, the goal was to create an environment of joy and excitement in which the Center Operators could experience the much-anticipated, all-new BMW X3 reveal. We created “pockets of joy” by including multiple, unexpected elements—video on the bus, X in the sky, X archways, exterior building projection, 3D video, X3 reveal, factory reveal, dinner on the mezzanine, exiting through transformed space—building excitement with every one, and motivating attendees to communicate that excitement to their teams and to customers.




Bronze Winner for Best Stage at B-to-B Event
Event Design Awards

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