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Cisco GSX FY17

Event Type

Global Sales Conference


MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas


August 2016


20,000 Attendees

Image of a packed auditorium with large displays positioned in a circle. A lone man stands on stage.

How it 

How might we leverage Cisco’s message of speed and momentum for their 20,000 sales representatives by encapsulating the theme’s energy in imagery and a single shared moment in order to create a sense of unity and community?

Image of two singers on a round stage of an auditorium with bright spotlights shining.
Two women on speaking to each other on stage with a large image of an aircraft carrier behind them. Man in a suit excitedly shoots a t-shirt canon into an audience. A band performs in a de-constructed packing van that is suspended from an auditorium ceiling.

How it 

A sequence of acoustic guitar stylings, singing and beatboxing escalated into astronaut Mark Kelly’s speaking the words “because if you’re not moving at full speed, you’re not going anywhere,” when a seat-shaking “sonic boom” erupted in the arena, supported by a mobile video effect on all attendees’ devices as every single one of the attendees’ lanyards began pulsating with color (via programmable LED Xylobands)

Performer with a guitar and flower-pattern jumper sings into a microphone with a warm orange light behind them Image of a packed auditorium with textural designs projected on a wall of steam.


The audience became part of the show itself

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