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Cisco GSX FY17

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Client Cisco Software Central City


San Francisco, CA—USA


August 2016

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15,000 Attendees

How it 

How might we leverage Cisco’s message of speed and momentum for their 20,000 sales representatives by encapsulating the theme’s energy in imagery and a single shared moment in order to create a sense of unity and community?

How it 

A sequence of acoustic guitar stylings, singing and beatboxing escalated into astronaut Mark Kelly’s speaking the words “because if you’re not moving at full speed, you’re not going anywhere,” when a seat-shaking “sonic boom” erupted in the arena, supported by a mobile video effect on all attendees’ devices as every single one of the attendees’ lanyards began pulsating with color (via programmable LED Xylobands)


The audience became part of the show itself

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