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Event Type

Global Sales Conference


MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas


August 2022


14,000 In-Person, 6,000 Digital Attendees

How it started

How do we celebrate and motivate a mix of in-person and digital sellers by communicating the “Unstoppable” theme across mediums in order to create a sense of unified optimism amidst uncertain circumstances?

A DJ works their soundboard Native Hawaiian performers in traditional garb perform in an auditorium

How it went

Moving from intimate to explosive moments through the use of theatrical monologue and energetic entertainment, creating a recognizable touchpoint across sessions by playing a licensed re-record of Sia’s Unstoppable, folding in digital-centric content by incorporating live “sideline” broadcast hosts and Augmented Reality effects, and employing an LED stage and twelve traveling and rotating screens to bring variety and dynamism to all attendees—every aspect integrated to communicate the idea of working together to bring order out of chaos.

A singer performs in a sparkling, jeweled blazer Behind the scenes of an interview production with a big blue projection of a gridded network

Wonder-ful takeaway

Both in-person and digital audiences were dazzled and galvanized.

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