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Salesforce Peak Performers EMEA 2022

Event Type

Incentive Program Final Night Celebration


Borgo Egnazia, Puglia, Italy


May 2022

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360 Attendees

How it started

How could we celebrate and reward the company’s top sales performers by creating a memorable and buzzworthy gala in order to captivate and inspire sellers?

How it went

Interpreting Italian Renaissance art to create a story arc and visual language in order to construct an evening accented by classical renaissance musicians, living art, deconstructed scenic décor, 360-degree projection-scapes, and interpretive modern and vertical dancers, all coming together to create a multi-sensory, fully-immersive theatrical display culminating in a lone female aerialist suspended from balloons and backed by a fireworks display. 

Wonder-ful takeaway

Every person present—attendees, staff and client—were overwhelmed with awe, some even brought to tears.

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