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LMG and TENCUE Unite in Innovation for Cisco

LMG and TENCUE are excited to showcase their latest collaboration on Cisco IMPACT, highlighting LMG’s game-changing innovations and the unparalleled creative freedom this enabled for TENCUE’s team. Renowned for their commitment to empowering people through multisensory storytelling and creating wonder by pushing creative boundaries, TENCUE, along with partner LMG—an industry expert with nearly four decades of experience in video, audio, LED, and lighting solutions for a range of worldwide events—teamed up to deliver this exceptional event.

TENCUE’s designs are known for pushing technology to its limits, often requiring early adoption or customization in order to bring their productions to life. This mentality has offered LMG the perfect environment for incubation of new ideas and cutting-edge solutions. Based on previous experiences partnering with TENCUE on Cisco IMPACT, LMG’s technical service experts identified opportunities to innovate in order to streamline the load-in and minimize equipment requirements, providing additional efficiencies and flexibility on show site for the TENCUE team. Using their latest flagship mobile production rack and custom-designed fiber optics breakout systems, the load-in became significantly smoother and quicker, showcasing LMG’s dedication to extraordinary event execution through continuous improvement. Additionally, LMG’s custom LED bumpers reduced overall labor requirements and sped up the installation time for the massive LED walls to further expedite the setup process.

TENCUE’s Chief Operating Officer, Braughnwynn “Bibi” Brown, shared, “During our recent IMPACT event, Rich Tate from LMG introduced me to their tailored solutions for TENCUE on the show. We share a common ethos of relentless innovation, consistently asking, ‘How can we do this better?’ This collaboration naturally evolved as we aimed to optimize efficiency and scalability, prioritizing innovative approaches over shortcuts.”

“Our team redesigned both our switching and LED systems to accommodate the show’s dynamic growth. The goal was to optimize loading processes, meet scheduling demands, and ensure our systems aligned seamlessly with the evolving requirements. The implementation of newer, more robust systems allowed us to keep pace with the show’s continuous growth,” says Stephen Campbell, Executive Vice President of LMG’s Technical Services.