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Working Purposefully: The “Why” of What We Do

Every organization has a set of core values. Ideally, they serve as the guiding principles that shape the culture, decision-making, and overall identity of a business.  This is nothing new or groundbreaking.  But what sets companies apart from one another is the intent of their core values; the degree to which the organization lives by their core values; the people believing in and being able to articulate the core values; and the ways in which they are put into action such that the company culture breathes them.  While defining core values is crucial, it is equally important to understand why we believe in them in the first place.  

At TENCUE, we take great pride in creating memorable experiences and breathtaking moments that evoke emotion, spark thought, and inspire attendees to take action.  We also take great pride in the longevity of our client relationships. Our values are a driving force, aligning our efforts and creating a shared vision for our employees, our agency, and our clients.  Our five core values support the most fundamental thing to TENCUE’s thirty-years of success: trust.  

It is the people of TENCUE who collectively developed our core values with the goal of providing the agency with a fully realized sense of purpose and direction. We mutually identified five values that we feel best encompass and articulate the crux of who we are – collaborative, inclusive, supportive, curiosity, and daring.  These values play a vital role in the way we communicate, foster company culture, and work with our clients. They enable  TENCUE to craft one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional experiences that spark wonder, ignite curiosity and empower audiences. They allow us to build trust with our clients, creating a relationship of confidence and openness to innovation that ultimately produces events that center people-to-people connections and generate the most impact possible.    


Collaboration is the foundation for effective teamwork and collective achievement. We work in a deeply collaborative industry.  When individuals work together, sharing ideas, knowledge, and expertise, they can tackle complex challenges more effectively and generate innovative solutions. The experiences we create for our clients are only as good as each piece of the experience and aren’t possible without teams of folks working together across many departments, internally and externally.


Inclusivity is about embracing diversity and creating an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered. We can’t learn if we’re not exposed to new ideas, and when we prioritize inclusivity, we tap into a diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and talents.  This diversity of thought leads to better decision making and problem solving, and helps nurture creativity.


A supportive culture is the backbone of employee well-being and engagement. When we prioritize support, we create an environment where employees feel cared for, acknowledged, and motivated.  At TENCUE, we like to use the phrase, “Yes, and…” as a more supportive reply. A long-established improvisational theater technique, “Yes, and…” allows us to build on each other’s contributions rather than dismiss them.  


Curiosity has always been at the heart of who we are as an organization. It drives us to relentlessly ask “why,” and seek out uncommon solutions to common problems. It enables us to remain relevant in a constantly evolving industry. It creates a culture of enthusiasm and personal growth by constantly motivating everyone to bring alternative ideas to the table and explore new possibilities in our work. And curiosity’s undeniably infectious quality influences our clients to do the same.


Being daring is what allows us to be agile, responding quickly to new challenges, seizing new opportunities, and staying ahead of our clients’ needs. It enables us to be adaptable, embracing change and adjusting quickly to new scenarios. Being daring also means having the audacity to have an opinion. It creates a culture that persistently challenges the status quo, invites us to take risks, and drives imaginations to the limits of what’s possible.

Understanding our values is tantamount not just to understanding who we are, but understanding why we are; our purpose for doing what we do. Working purposefully doesn’t just sound good—it positively affects every aspect of our work, from enriched creativity and innovation, greater employee engagement and satisfaction, to stronger team cohesion and improved adaptability. When our core values are in place, understood and articulated, everything else follows. Our culture, our vision, our ways of working align and move us towards our common objectives: fostering long-standing partnerships with our clients and, with them, creating astounding experiences that create wonder and blow minds.