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BMW 5 Series Reveal

Event Type

Product Launch


Miami, FL


January 2017



How it started

We were tasked with building excitement among dealers for the new 5 Series model whose main innovations lay in cutting-edge technology rather than updated visual design.

How it went

With our client, we hit upon the design concept “Now You See It,” which thematically communicated the ideas of “hidden in plain sight” and shifting perspective to highlight the subtleties of the new product. To thoroughly tease out this idea, we employed the use of pre-event voile partitions partially exposing the staging, staging design oriented on a 45-degree angle towards the corner of a square stage, and two 22-ft long fog screens for the product reveal.

Wonder-ful takeaway

We successfully created a cohesive, provocative environment that shifted perspective and garnered enthusiasm among attendees.

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