Audi Le Forza and Twitch

The advertising agency, Muhtayzik Hoffer (MTZH), came to Tencue to help leverage the Twitch gaming platform and prominent influencers to reach its millions of subscribers by live streaming a virtual race on Xbox to run concurrent with Le Mans.

We converted a raw garage adjacent to a co-working space with upgraded power and internet to support 12 separate driving stations. All were linked into a single game engine to drive models of Audi cars on the same course. Three were also connected to Twitch and outfitted with cameras for the teams of influencers.

In three-person teams, 27 pro drivers and 9 influencers raced for 24 hours, matching the course and even the weather patterns of the live Le Mans. We switched between camera angles pulled from the game to create a livestream which simulated a broadcast feed. Live commentators and the Twitch influencers interacted with their fans throughout.

The race brought in over 11 million viewers, greatly exceeding Audi’s expectations.



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