GSX was Cisco’s global sales conference – several small live events and a webcast to thousands. With the majority remote, our goal was to create a sense of community that allowed them to feel part of something bigger.

The event ran on a 24-hour clock, with three kickoffs 8 hours apart to support viewers in a range of time zones. Superimposed content over the live camera feed became our vehicle for including the audience in all locations. With a team monitoring online chat feeds, quotes were integrated into the feed, putting the remote viewer front and center. Calls to action reminded viewers to take a survey, or referenced where they could learn more on a topic. 

Teams monitoring online chat feeds would take the temperature of the viewing audience and provide hot topics or questions to the speakers before their presentations, helping them to “read the room,” connecting with the remote audience in the same way they would connect with a live audience

The result was a rich experience for every viewer, remote and live.




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